Rosane Chamecki is an animator, compositor and designer. After working for 5 years at CBS Sports, where she created show opens, bumpers, lower thirds and show logos, Rosane became a full time freelancer. During these past 10 years, Rosane has worked at Ogilvy, ZTribeca, KSK Visuals, MJM, Bedrocket Media Venture, Delirium, CG Partners, Edit One, Barker, Osmosis, Cutters, Nomad, Homestead, Magnet Media, Eyeball, Onslot Creative, AOL, IFC, among others. In addition, Rosane has worked on various independent projects including the open and graphics for the documentary Estamos Aqui (Danken Got), graphics for the documentary The Human Microbiome, a video explainer for, and design and animations for War Child.

Her background in choreography and filmmaking has earned her a Guggenheim Fellowship in 2009, Best Experimental Film Award at Brooklyn Film Festival, Jury Award at Dance on Camera Festival at Lincoln Center, among others.